Welcome to my sports blog

Hello everyone that is reading this 1. This is the little introduction piece I am writing for my blog. It’s just a way for me to explain myself a little bit so you can better understand where I am coming from when I write my blogs. The main reason I decided to start a blog is that I love talking about sports and the stats that revolve around it. I’m a huge stat guy when I write, however I don’t totally understand analytics fully yet so I will use the simple stats instead. I mainly will write about college basketball and NBA, but I will also touch on football and baseball here and there.

My blogs will cover the entirety of a sport in most cases. However there will be times when I just talk about my favorite sports teams if something good or bad happens to them 2. For example, I will be going to the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game in October. I will more than likely write a blog about that game from the perspective I have in the stadium.

My blogs will also not be entirely serious. I will try to throw in some humor here and there. I find that some of my favorite sports writers, Bill Simmons and Mark Titus, do that so well that it makes me want to come back for more. Regarding Bill Simmons, he is my main inspiration for this. I became a huge fan of Grantland in 2013 and have been following him ever since. If it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be doing this.

I will probably write one or two blogs a week. There is no set schedule. I will try to update the readers on when a new piece comes out over twitter. You can follow me on twitter for my commentary on certain issues and sports.

I am excited to get this started and hope all you enjoy it!

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