2017 NBA Draft 5 on 5

Welcome to the first ever NBA Draft 5 on 5. A 5 on 5 is a thing I’ll do for certain events. For a 5 on 5, I will offer my top 5 ranking on 5 specific things. For this first ever 5 on 5, I will discuss the NBA Draft from yesterday. Let’s begin.

Top 5 moments from last night’s draft

1) The Jimmy Butler trade

The night started off with a bang when the Wolves traded Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, and the 7th pick for Chicago’s Jimmy Butler and 16th pick. The Wolves got a 3 time all-star, 20 points per game scorer and a defensive stopper. The Bulls got a guy who can’t defend (Lavine), a guy who is horrendous on the offensive side of the ball (Dunn), and a guy whose NBA comparison was Channing Frye (Markannen) 1. Only time will tell how awful this trade will be for the Bulls.

2) Lonzo Ball goes to the Lakers

Lavar Ball had proclaimed for the past 4 months that his son was going to be a Laker and last night his proclamation came true. Lavar Ball was also quoted last night as saying that the Lakers will make the playoffs next year and his other sons will also be Lakers in the future. Right now, I wouldn’t be shocked if he is right.

3) Sacramento skips out on a Kentucky backcourt

Sacramento selected De’Aaron Fox with their 5th pick last night. Then Malik Monk, a teammate of Fox at Kentucky, was on the board by the time the Kings had their 10th pick. The Kings decided to trade that pick with Portland for the 15th and 20th pick. This ended any hope we had of seeing John Calipari’s most exciting backcourt in his tenure at Kentucky playing together in the NBA.

4) An NBA record, 16 freshmen go in the first round

Since the one-and-done era began in 2007, the 2017 NBA draft saw the most freshmen ever go in the first round. That means that more than half of the NBA decided that it was a good idea to put their trust in kids who have only been allowed to see ‘R’ rated movies without their parents for 2 years. Recently, there have been talks about allowing high schoolers to enter the draft again, so likely this record 2 will never fall.

5) Fan starts yelling picks before they are announced

During the 2nd Round, a fan in the Barclays Center decided that it would be funny to start yelling the player selected right before his name was announced. Even the announcer started laughing during it. You can thank Twitter for this as it is easy to find out picks before they happen. I honestly would not be shocked if this starts to occur during the first round of next years draft.

Top 5 Worst Picks in the entire draft

1) Lauri Markanenn – Chicago Bulls (7th pick)

Bulls take a 7 footer whose only good quality is that he is 7 feet tall and can shoot. He can’t rebound, he can’t defend, and he can’t pass. The Channing Frye comparison is something to not hang your hat on.

2) Harry Giles – Sacramento Kings (20th pick)

If this was 3 years ago this would be a great pick. Giles was the #1 player in his class all throughout high school. He then tore his ACL twice before even graduating. He averaged only 3 points at Duke and never seemed to get back to his regular self.

3) Tony Bradley – Los Angeles Lakers (28th pick)

The Lakers traded up to select a guy who is the first one-and-done player out of North Carolina in 10 years. Bradley only averaged 7 points a game at UNC and is frankly too slow and not skilled enough to be a good contributor in the NBA.

4) Luke Kennard – Detroit Pistons (12th pick)

I don’t think this was necessarily a bad pick, it’s just that Donovan Mitchell was still on the board when this pick was made. Mitchell is more athletic and a much better defender than Kennard will ever be. Mitchell might end up being a better scorer than Kennard in the future.

5) D.J. Wilson – Milwaukee Bucks (17th pick)

This one is similar to the Kennard pick. The Bucks drafted Wilson when T.J. Leaf was still on the board. Leaf was the leading scorer on the best offense in College Basketball (UCLA) and has a great ability to rebound in traffic. Wilson wasn’t even a legit draft prospect until Michigan’s tournament run in March.

Top 5 Best Picks outside the lottery

1) Justin Jackson – Sacramento Kings (15th pick)

The first player taken after the lottery was the best one taken. Jackson was the best player on the National Championship team. He is a 6’8″ slasher who will fit in great with the Kings and likely find a starting spot by the end of the year.

2) Jordan Bell – Golden State Warriors (38th pick)

The Warriors ended up giving money in order to get Jordan Bell, a shot blocking big from Oregon. Bell was the defensive anchor that led to Oregon’s upset over Kansas in the Elite Eight. He will be a fun energy guy off the bench for the Warriors.

3) Jarrett Allen – Brooklyn Nets (22nd pick)

Brooklyn gets a great inside player that can come in and contribute right away. He averaged 13 points and 8 rebounds a game at Texas. Allen was predicted to go in the lottery but fell 8 spots. He might end up as Brooklyn’s best player by the end of the year 3.

4) Josh Hart – Los Angeles Lakers (30th pick)

The last pick in the first round ends up going to the senior from Villanova. Lakers get a great 3 point shooter who can play both point guard and shooting guard. Josh Hart will have to offer some veteran leadership as he will be older than half of the Lakers.

5) Frank Jackson – New Orleans Pelicans (31st pick)

The first pick of the second round goes to the point guard from Duke. Jackson was the most athletic guy on Duke last year 4. He’ll probably spend sometime in the G-League this year but he will be great in the long run.

Top 5 best players in 10 years from this draft

1) Lonzo Ball – Los Angeles Lakers (2nd Overall)

Lonzo Ball will get the keys to the Lakers offense for many years. His passing and 3 point shooting will fit in perfectly in the new NBA.

2) Josh Jackson – Phoenix Suns (4th Overall)

Josh Jackson was lucky to get passed up by the Boston Celtics. Phoenix’s fast paced system will fit him better than Celtics heavy 3 point shooting system. If his shot develops he could be the best player in the draft.

3) De’Aaron Fox – Sacramento Kings (5th pick)

Like Lonzo Ball, Fox will also get to be the head of the Kings offense. His speed and competitiveness will be his best attributes. I expect him to be a fun player to watch for years to come.

4) Markelle Fultz – Philadelphia 76ers (1st pick)

The number one pick in this draft will end up being the 4th best. Fultz will be behind both Simmons and Embiid on the totem pole. This will cause him to not have the career others drafted around him will have.

5) Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics (3rd pick)

Tatum right now will be main offensive focus for the Celtics from the wing position. If the Celtics end up signing Hayward, Tatum’s usage will decrease. Boston, for the next few years, will be a hotspot for free agents. This will seriously effect Tatum’s growth in his first years in the league.

Top 5 draft hats from last night

The NBA every year comes out with new hats for the draft picks to wear. Some of these hats look cool, some don’t fit and some are just plain awful. This year’s hats were very well done. Here is a ranking of these hats.

1) Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings New Era 2017 NBA Draft Official On Court Collection 9FIFTY Snapback Hat - Silver

2) Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets New Era 2017 NBA Draft Official On Court Collection 9FIFTY Snapback Hat - Teal

3) Miami Heat

Miami Heat New Era 2017 NBA Draft Official On Court Collection 9FIFTY Snapback Hat - Black

4) Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves New Era 2017 NBA Draft Official On Court Collection 9FIFTY Snapback Hat - Blue

5) New York Knicks

New York Knicks New Era 2017 NBA Draft Official On Court Collection 9FIFTY Snapback Hat - Blue

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