2017 Minnesota Vikings Season Preview

In 7 days the Minnesota Vikings season will begin. Will it be season to remember or will it be a season to forget? Since it is hard to predict what will happen in the NFL most years 1, I thought I would just write about what I am looking forward to for the season. Some might be positive and some might be negative.

1) Dalvin Cook

Every year I am always looking forward to the “New Guy” on the team. This year the best new guy we have is Dalvin Cook. After years of Adrian Peterson, I was fully aware that the next RB would not live up to what AP did. However, I am excited to see what Dalvin can do, since he brings something different to the table with his pass catching and running ability out of the shotgun. Maybe he can even win Rookie of the Year.

2) 6 yard passes when we need 8 yards for a first down

There is nothing more annoying to me than seeing a guy run a route short of the first down marker on third down. Do they expect to break three tackles and get the first down? It doesn’t make sense. Since we have “Checkdown” Sam Bradford as our QB I fully don’t expect this phenomenon to go away this year.

3) An unstoppable defense

The Vikings defense did not look good in the preseason this year. They gave up deep throws to Brian Hoyer for God’s sake. However it was preseason and maybe the guys weren’t fully “invested”. This defense last year through the first 5 games was historically good. But when you play with an offense that wasn’t always dependable you start to lose your focus. Hopefully this team can keep up what they started last year.

4) Andrew Sendejo’s BIG hits

Oh you thought I meant Andrew Sendejo was giving out the punishment? No, I meant the big hits Sendejo’s going to receive from running backs and wide receivers. I can’t wait to see him fly back 5 yards while the other team’s player is running for the endzone.

5) Paul Allen’s calls

It’s always fun listening to Paul Allen, the radio voice of the Vikings, give so much emotion and pride for the Vikings every week. The guy seems to legitimately care about the Vikings success. Maybe we will get another “Oh my Heavens” or “He’s Loose” from PA. Hopefully not a “This isn’t Detroit, this is the Super Bowl” like he did in New Orleans in 2009.

6) A clean pocket for Sam Bradford to throw all day in

Just cause I am looking forward to it, does not mean it is going to happen.

7) Another Cubs playoff run

It happens during the NFL season so it counts. Last year, right after the Vikings started 5-0, the MLB playoffs began. If you haven’t heard, the Cubs went all the way last year and won the World Series. For a whole month I didn’t pay attention to the Vikings at all. I came back to the Vikings after the playoffs were over and to my surprise, we were 5-4… Moral of the story, when one of my team succeeds the other has to fail miserably.

8) October 15, 2017

In case you aren’t sure what this date means, it’s the Packers vs. Vikings game. There is not a specific regular season game that I get more excited for than this one every year. My favorite team in all of sports versus my least favorite team in all of sports. This game has had some of the greatest moments in recent Vikings history 2 and some of the worst moments as well 3. Hopefully the game is relevant this year.

9) Super Bowl 52

Not saying we will be there, but our stadium 4will. I guess we can get excited for that.

10) If the Vikings start poorly, the Minnesota Timberwolves season

When you have a team with Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, it is hard not to look toward their season while the Vikings are still going on. If the Vikings are bad by the time the Timberwolves season starts, I am shifting all my focus to them.

Record Prediction: 10-6

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